Music and movement classes in our community

With more than 35 years of experience as the leader in musical learning, Kindermusik International understands music’s unique ability to impact children (and families!) in profound ways.  Across private studios, public schools, and childcare centers in over 70 countries, children, parents, and teachers enjoy participating in Kindermusik’s fun, developmentally specific, and research-based music and movement classes. Parents also appreciate how enrollment in Kindermusik includes home materials, including their favorite songs, stories, and learning activities from class, so families can “play” Kindermusik wherever they go.

As a trained and licensed local Kindermusik educator, I love bringing the world of Kindermusik to our community. Each week in my Kindermusik studio, I lead music classes for families filled with singing, dancing, laughing, instrument playing, and storytelling—all backed by Kindermusik International’s team of early childhood music experts and the latest research on how children learn best. In addition, I partner with parents to support their role as a child’s first and best teacher by providing tools, tips, and resources to understand how (and why!) to use music and movement throughout the week.

From Kindermusik’s early childhood music classes around the world to the loving local community of families at my studio, together we put a song in the hearts of children.

Come experience for yourself why more than 2 million families in over 70 countries love Kindermusik. Try a free class in my studio today!

音楽教室業界における35年を超える経験によりキンダーミュージック・インターナショナルは、音楽が子供に深く与える独特な能力を理解しております。 世界70か国を超える国々の教室にてお子様、ご両親そして教師たちがキンダーミュージックの楽しさを経験しています。


キンダーミュージックインターナショナルは1978年の設立以来、世界各国70か国以上にて、世界共通言語である音楽を通じてお子様の多方面における成長 をサポートしてきました。リサーチに基づき構成されている音楽と運動のカリキュラムは幼児のこれからの学習能力の土台を築くものとなっております。